The GravesDiggers Tumblr turned 2 today!

And there are now over 1500 of you lovely people out there following it (and a quite astonishing 3700 following @GravesDiggers on Twitter)!

Thank you to each and every one of you for sharing in our appreciation of this lovely man and his many talents.

I hope to have lots of news and pictures to share with you for many years to come…

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    Without you it wouldn’t have happened at thank you and it is certainly MY pleasure to hang on your coat tails.
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    Happy Tumblr Birthday, Honey and thanks for all the Graves gorgeousness xxx
  4. clarasteam said: Happy Birthday! <3
  5. beeleebay said: happy birthday!
  6. venusinthenight said: Happy Tumblrversary!
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    I congratulate you on your 2nd Happy Anniversary!! And thank you for all.
  8. misssnowwhitepink said: Happy Tumblr Anniversary! And thank you for all the great work and pics and information you provide us with!!
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    If you’re a Rupert Graves fan, you should totally be following gravesdiggers. Happy birthday and thanks for all the...
  10. my-citrus-pocket said: Happy Tumblrversary and thank you for everything you do, it’s amazing! :)
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  12. hol637 said: Yaaaay~!
  13. notluvulongtime said: Happy Tumblrversary! xox
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